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BMM Creatives

BMM has utilised the expertise of the following music industry creatives, to capture quality and innovative audio and visual content, and to provide a positive journey for our artists:

Stuart Stuart - ARIA nominated producer (2014) who has produced #1 hits for Sheppard and the Veronicas (previously signed to Mushroom Records)

Jarrad Seng - Australian filmmaker, photographer and creative director who has worked with high profile artists including Passenger, Matchbox 20 and Ed Sheeran.

Lliam Worthington and Nelson Lau - Writers, Directors and Producers - releasing their Australian feature film One Less God released 2018.

Andrew Wright - WAMi award winning music producer and multiple category nominee as a songwriter/producer (prior - EMI music).

Andrew Fuller - Entertainment Lawyer (prior - Sony Music).

Record Label

Artists associated with boutique independent record label BMM are offered the capital required to produce quality recordings and music videos, to carefully design a well-thought-out album and create music videos that will best connect with their fans. 

Music Publishing

BMM handles the production, manufacture, distribution, marketing, promotion and enforcement of copyright for sound music recordings and music videos. BMM artists’ songs are made public through digital and physical delivery of material. With an ever expanding range of revenue streams, artists signed with BMM benefit from performing rights, mechanical rights, synchronisation rights (relating to use of songs in advertisements, films and TV), song licensing, tours and merchandise. BMM will create value for you, whenever and wherever your music is heard.

And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make. 
- The Beatles


If you'd like to submit original material to BMM, provide us with a link to any web-based pages and/or one song for review in an MP3 format. Include a brief summary of what you hope to achieve with your music. We can't guarantee a response, but we will do our best.


To be reviewed as an artist, submit your contact information, a short biography, your picture, press coverage, gig or show information (if applicable) and links to your professional work (audio, video). We can't guarantee a response but we will do our best.