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Billy May (1891-1942) the singer, comedian and Music Hall star was born in England.

In 1905, at the age of 14, Billy May ran away from home with his elder brother George and together they stowed away on a cattle boat heading for Ireland. The boys joined a travelling circus and became The Brothers May; singing, dancing and performing comedy skits together around the UK. Billy May spent his whole life as a professional entertainer and worked with many Music Hall stars of his day. He was top-billing in many stage shows and pantomimes and was known as “The Little Man with the Big Voice”.

Almost a century later, his great-granddaughter Sophie May was born in England. Sophie May commenced as a singer/songwriter at 16 years of age, and in the same year, she won ASA’s Australian Songwriter of the Year in the Pop/Contemporary/Ballad category. This was followed shortly thereafter with other song-writing accolades, which led to her signing with the management team as an artist at Planet Studios. Sophie's manager, Trevor Spencer, was involved in the sale of over 20 million album sales as a writer, musician, producer and/or manager. However, being on the stage was not a place Sophie May longed to be, so she commenced a traineeship with the manager, working in the studio, writing and producing; becoming involved in talent acquisition/scouting and acting as studio manager. Sophie May also concurrently pursued academic achievement and she obtained first class honours in psychology; specialising in criminology/forensics. For a decade, Sophie May worked for the Department of Justice. She then went on to commence a law degree, specilising in criminal and contract law (with a focus on the music industry). This led Sophie May to endeavour to combine her interests in music, human behaviour, communications, the legal system and contract create a boutique record label in Australia. In 2012, Sophie May founded the Perth-based Independent Record Label BMM (Billy May’s Music), focussed on developing and managing Recording Artists, with the support of BMM Publishing

BMM is focussed on nurturing local up-and-coming artists; musicians, singers, and songwriters with the end goal of transforming them into global artists. Email BMM for more information.