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Room For Reason is a pop/rock band that was formed in 2013 by front-man Trent-Jean (Trent Jean Michel) and Kim Thair when they met at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). By July of the same year, Room For Reason was signed to BMM and released their debut single ‘Infinite’. In October 2013 Room For Reason released their debut EP ‘Hearts & Crosses’ which was immediately picked up by Southern Cross Austereo (The Today Network) and ‘Infinite’ and ‘Honey’ received regular spins, Australia-Wide. Room For Reason released their debut music video for ‘Honey’ in December 2013 to YouTube. Watch Honey here!

The music video was filmed by Sydney independent filmmakers Lliam Worthington and Nelson Lau who are about to release the independant film One Less God.

Room For Reason supported Lisa Mitchell and Josh Pyke when they performed to a full-to-capacity (10,000) crowd. They performed at the Australia Day concert in January 2014, followed by closing Karratha Youth Week in April 2014 and they supported Samantha Jade in June 2014 before heading back to the studio to record their next single Crossfire.

Room For Reason's third single ‘Out of Here’ was released on the 8th of May 2014 after the track was given its first spin during an interview on Southern Cross Austereo (92.9fm) on the 8th of May 2014 with the music video filmed by the infamous Jarred Seng. Check out the music video here



"There are plenty of talented young bands out there, all on the cusp of stardom. However, Room For Reason is more likely than most to hit the big time. You know a band's on the rise when the whole room is mesmerised by the talent before them - and that's just what happens every time they start their set. Here, then, is a five-piece band blessed with a collection of musical chops which would put many current chart-toppers to shame, but the boys from Perth's northern suburbs couldn't be more unaffected by the fame which is just about to envelop them" - PrimoLife Editor Gabi Mills

Room For Reason (featuring Trent-Jean)
Room For Reason (featuring Trent-Jean)


"Great song...incredible voice!!!!!" - Tom Coyne (Senior Mastering Engineer for Beyoncé, Adele, Taylor Swift, James Arthur)

"Their eclectic taste and respect for all types of music, combined with their own beautiful  vocals, moving lyrics, advanced musicianship and catchy hooks, have resulted in a band with a bright future ahead." - The Native Entertainment (Singapore)


"Hearts and Crosses is basically a way of symbolically representing the outcome of relationships. In most cases one wins and the other loses, but sometimes you both just end up losing". - Trent Jean Michel

Beside Lights (featuring Adrian Wilson)
Beside Lights (featuring Adrian Wilson)

Beside Lights featuring lead singer and songwriter Adrian Wilson followed the path paved by the current generation of teens with a love for music, but frustrated by banging their heads against the brick wall imposed by major labels, and performed on Australia's Got Talent, becoming finalists and bagging an enviable number of social media fans. These fans enabled Beside Lights to secure a No.1 on the iTunes Australia rock charts in May 2012, with their debut album remaining in the overall albums charts for an impressive 12 weeks. At one stage, they were proudly slotted on the album charts, directly behind one of their inspirations, Coldplay.


EP and Live Performance Review - The Music - Edition 63

With “their boyish charm certainly working its magic....the group eased their way into the first track from their Half heart EP, Run Run, and just like the actual record, the pop-rockers nailed it. Their whole performance seemed effortless; such is the mastery of their craft. Second track What Did I Do had the front-rowers swooning over vocalist Adrian Wilson…always with gratitude showing on his face….leaving the audience feeling warm and well treated. Beside Lights are clean and faultless, and there should be plenty of success waiting for them on the horizon.”

It’s obvious from the get-go that they know the formula for a bulletproof pop-rock track. Adrian Wilson does a wonderful job on the vocals, procuring a silky smooth performance over the record. Lyrically, they’ve managed to string together choruses that you could pick up almost instantly, and they’ve masterfully managed their hooks. If they continue in this fashion, it’ll only be a matter of time before they have the country swooning over them.”

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